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Who will win in Greek Gods vs Norse Gods Fight? (IMP Comparison)

Many Mythologies have been set with the passage of time but the two most common and popular are Greek Mythology and Norse Mythology.

When we are discussing mythologies then one of the most important parts of all mythologies is their Gods who possess heavenly powers and the deities who control the manly affairs.

One hot topic in this discussion is Greek mythology vs. Norse mythology gods and if you are a fan of these topics then you are at the right place because here, you will learn what separates Greek Gods from Norse Gods.

Greek Mythology has remained all-time popular due to its immense presence in Literature but Norse mythology is no less than Greek.

Norse Mythology spread throughout the world when marvel introduced their Gods as characters in their movies like Odin, Thor, and Loki.

Here we will have a discussion or comparison between the similar characters of both the Mythologies and who between them is stronger.

Who would win the battle between Greek Gods and Norse Gods?

So, no more wait, and let’s see who is going to win in a battle of Greek Gods vs Norse Gods this war?

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Odin vs Zeus

Greek Gods vs Norse Gods


Odin and Zeus are considered the same gods in two different mythologies like both of them are the most powerful Gods and are considered as the all-father.

Both of these Gods rules all other Gods in their respective Mythologies.

They have fought a war with some enemy and have helped the livings in some way.

Zeus fought with Cronus and freed the other Gods and humanity from his rage while Odin fought with Ragnarok to free humanity.


However, these two Gods are considered the counterparts in their respective mythologies but they also possess some grave differences.

Zeus is represented as an Arrogant character in his stories of Greek Mythology and can kill humans for little things from which he is not happy.

While Odin is rather a wise God in Norse Mythology. He sacrificed one of his eyes to get the wisdom and Mercifully take decisions.

Odin is depicted as a protector of mankind in his stories while Zeus is most probably a God who does anything for his own interest.

Odin rules everything with the help of his wisdom. On the other hand, Zeus rules other Gods because he possesses the most powerful weapon i.e. Thunderbolt.

Fight between Greek Gods vs Norse Gods

If there happens to be a fight between these two Greek Gods vs Norse Gods then who is going to win?

It is no difficult question after reading the above discussion as Zeus is an arrogant God and does stuff for his own sake mostly.

On the other hand, Odin is a God of Wisdom, War, Prophecy, and many more things which makes him the winner of this round.

Odin WIN!

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Thor vs Ares

Thor vs Ares / ( god of thunder vs god of war)/ in hindi - YouTube


Both Ares and Thor are considered very important Gods and represent war and fight.

They are considered to be the generals of their respective mythologies. Like Zeus has Ares leading his army and Odin has Thor.

Thor and Ares also possess some weapons e.g. Thor has his hammer and Ares has his spear.


Although they are the counterparts of each other in Greek and Norse Mythology but certainly have their differences.

In the competition of Power Thor is far stronger than Ares with his power of lightning while Ares is not as physically strong as Thor.

Thor is a warrior of honor and fights for a reason while Ares is somehow a brutal warrior.

Fight between Greek Gods vs Norse Gods

In a fight between Thor and Ares, it will not be difficult to judge the winner.

Thor is stronger and wiser than Ares and that is the reason he is an easy WIN of this round.

Till now, Norse Gods are having superiority over the Greek Gods but let’s see what happens next.

Thor WIN!

Loki vs Hades

Greek Gods vs Norse Gods


Loki and Hades are both negative characters to some extent and could be seen in dark places.

Loki was banished by his brother Thor due to his continuous misbehaving in Asgard.

While Hades was also sent to Hell by his brother Zeus and all other Gods were given places in the world but he was the only one sent to the underworld.


Although both Loki and Hades are negative and Dark characters. But they have different abilities based on which they became negative.

Loki is the God of Mischief and on the other hand, Hades is the Greek God who lives in and controls Hell.

As a God of Mischief, Loki is obviously cleverer than Hades. Hades just knows how to punish people with sins.

Fight between Greek Gods vs Norse Gods

A fight between Loki and Hades, will not be an easy win because Hades possesses certain evil powers capable of destroying anything.

On the other hand, Loki is very clever and can fool anyone even his wisest father Odin and that is a plus point for him.

I think Loki will definitely take advantage of this power of his and will be able to defeat Hades with his illusions.

Loki WIN!

This is the 3rd win from the Norse side.

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Frigg vs Hera

Hera vs Frigg


Like all our other characters, Frigg and Hera are also counterparts in the battle of Greek Gods vs Norse Gods.

Both of them are female Goddesses in their respective universes with the powers of marriage and matrimony.

Frigg is the wife of Odin, al-father of Norse Mythology, and Hera is the wife of Zeus, al-father of Greek Mythology.


Both Frigg and Hera are almost the same but they mainly differ in their attitudes.

Hera is full of anger and her rage can be easily flared while Frigg is a more kind and lovely personality.

There are no tales in which Frigg had misbehaved with the children or had harmed them while Hera was not so much kind to children.

Fight between Greek Gods vs Norse Gods

If we are talking about a fight between Hera and Frigg, Frigg is a more humble creature and possesses more qualities than Hera.

But in case of a fight, Hera is going to thrash Frigg with her anger and manipulating powers.

Hera WIN!

Njord vs Poseidon

Greek Gods vs Norse Gods


Njord and Poseidon are both major Gods in the comparison of Greek Gods vs Norse Gods.

Both of them are associated with Sea and Winds and have control over the Oceans and waves.


Njord and Poseidon both control the Oceans and Seas but Njord also has control over the coastline and fertile land.

Poseidon has a benefit as he possesses the Trident which is one of the most powerful weapons of Gods.

Fight between Greek Gods vs Norse Gods

If engaged in a fight, Njord will give a tough competition to Poseidon.

But due to the massive powers of Poseidon and Trident, Poseidon will be the winner of this war.

Poseidon WIN!

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One thing that you can see in all the Norse Gods is that they are more manlike and need to fulfill their needs just like humans to maintain their Godliness.

On the other hand, the Greek Gods do not need these things and they possess complete Godliness.

Norse Gods can get hurt while Greek Gods can not get hurt(although they can also get hurt with some Godly weapons).

In this way, we can regard the Norse Gods as partial Gods and Greek Gods as complete Gods.

But in our above comparison Norse Gods were at a superior end than the Greek Gods. However, some Greek Gods also won.

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