How Facebook Metaverse is Creating an entirely New World?

The Facebook Metaverse has become a hot topic of conversation in recent times. Facebook Metaverse is a sign that the digital world is changing as well as changing us.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Metaverse will be the biggest breakthrough in technology. Some experts say that Facebook Metaverse is a marketing strategy.

For some sceptics, Facebook Metaverse is just a joke and other critics believe that it could be a techno-dystopian nightmare.

Today’s article is about the Facebook Metaverse. So, if you want to know how and when the Metaverse term was coined and are confused about why Facebook changed its name to Metaverse, you are on the right page.

In this article, we will inform you of the futuristic features of Facebook Metaverse. We will also talk about the possible pros and cons of the Facebook Metaverse.

In the end, there is a section of FAQs (frequently asked questions) about Facebook Metaverse. Where we have tried to explain those questions for your ease.

Now without further delay, let’s get started.

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What is Facebook Metaverse?

facebook metaverse logo

In October 2021, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg brought the concept of Facebook Metaverse by changing the name of the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to “Meta”.

The next day Facebook saw a gain of 6% in its market share.

This was not the first time that a giant tech company rebranded itself by changing its name. In November 2015 Google also changed the name of its parent company to “Alphabet”.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

The term Metaverse was coined by author Neal Stephenson in his famous science-fiction novel “Snow Crash”, published in 1992.

Snow Crash depicts a dystopian view of the future. In the Metaverse of this novel, people used different avatars to represent themselves in a reality-based virtual world.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Metaverse is the future version of the internet, supported by several different tech companies.

In this Metaverse, people can use digital currency via their avatars to buy clothes, play games and travel in virtual reality.

In this shared online 3D virtual reality, people will be able to teleport as a hologram.

In one moment if they are at a meeting in their office, the next moment they can teleport themselves to a concert with friends to celebrate or in their living room to catch up with family.

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Notable Features of Facebook Metaverse:

The lucrative and multiple features promised by Facebook Metaverse are attracting the attention of the current generation to itself.

The following features of Facebook Metaverse are the key highlights of this article.


facebook metaverse infrastructure

The technology infrastructure that would be backing up Facebook Metaverse includes; cloud computing, Wi-Fi, 5G internet, high-tech materials and many more.

As it is promised by Facebook Metaverse owners and developers that it will continue to expand, so the tech infrastructure of Facebook Metaverse will assure ultra-fast speed of internet, very low latency and highly improved device capacity.

Human Interface Technologies:

facebook metaverse technology

There will be a vast alley of human interface devices like VR headsets, AR glasses, haptics and many other technologies for joining the metaverse.

These futuristic interface technologies will help to teleport and transfer the users into the immersive reality of Facebook Metaverse.

Although most of these technologies are underway, current technology devices such as smartphones and laptops can also help as access points to enter the infinite space of Facebook Metaverse.

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Digital Avatars:

facebook metaverse avatar

One significant feature of Facebook Metaverse is the creation of digital avatars. In fact, it is one of the most important elements in Facebook Metaverse.

People can create their digital avatars in Facebook Metaverse and can express their feelings and emotions in a unique way.

By using the digital avatars feature of Facebook Metaverse, you can create a digital replica of yourself or your favourite superhero.

As anyone can create their digital avatars in Facebook Metaverse. So, the total internet users base of more than 4 billion exploring the Facebook Metaverse, creating their digital avatars and sharing their experience and knowledge with others will be a revolutionary experience.


Facebook Metaverse is a big step towards web 3.0 (web3), whose vision is an open shared world without centralized authorities.

In this decentralized Facebook Metaverse or web3, people can create, value and trade their virtual assets, through blockchain and token-based technologies, and without the interference of current centralized authorities.

Development in Facebook Metaverse:

dvelopment in facebook metaverse

It seems that the future belongs to the Facebook Metaverse and its development is ongoing. Facebook Metaverse is genuinely a big step in the virtual world and we can divide its development into four stages.

Facebook Metaverse Stage 1:

We are currently in stage one of Facebook Metaverse. With a headset and hand controllers we can experience almost 50% of the full immersion of virtual reality.

Facebook Metaverse Stage 2:

Stage 2 of Facebook Metaverse will start with the availability of haptic devices. With the help of these futuristic devices, you can hold and feel different things in virtual reality via your avatars.

Facebook Metaverse Stage 3:

Stage 3 of Facebook Metaverse is also called Advanced VR. In this stage, there will be the development of Neurotech. This Neurotechnology can directly send signals to the brain without using any kind of interface devices.

Facebook Metaverse Stage 4:

In this stage of the Facebook Metaverse, the real and the virtual world will become almost identical.

After literally uploading people’s brains on Facebook Metaverse, people will liberate themselves from the geographical borders and a unifying culture will emerge.

Top Benefits of Facebook Metaverse:

As the progression of the Facebook Metaverse is ongoing, we can expect the following possible advantages of Facebook Metaverse.

Immersive Experience:

facebook metaverse experience

The biggest benefit of Facebook Metaverse is that it is a 3D upgrade to the conventional way of using the internet.

In the Facebook Metaverse, people will be more engaged in whatever activity they are doing.

By using different human interface technologies on Facebook Metaverse users will socialize, play games and do business more effectively than ever.

Online Education and Learning:

facebook metaverse education

The education sector throughout the globe was badly impacted by covid pandemic.

Although some institutes continued their learning system via online classes, more than 80% of students and learners were unable to find a way to continue their studies.

With the advancement of the Facebook Metaverse, education will be more convenient than ever. There will be no need to take physical classes in classrooms.

Learners around the globe will be able to share their knowledge and study together in real-time experience through their digital avatars.


Physical Barriers will become irrelevant:

Once you are connected with Facebook Metaverse via your digital avatar, your physical position and geographical barriers will become unimportant.

Facebook Metaverse will be a neutral virtual reality where you can interact with anyone all across the world.

So, finding people with the same interests and being friends with them will be easier.

New Business opportunities:

facebook metaverse stocks

Facebook Metaverse will give birth to new forms of business opportunities and marketing through its platform.

Facebook Metaverse will use advanced haptic technology. By using this haptic technology you can hold and feel the product, rather than just viewing the product on the small screen of your smartphone.

In this way, it will be a win-win position for both customers and business in Facebook Metaverse.

Improvements in the Workplace Environment:

Facebook Metaverse will also bring revolution in the conventional workplace environment. It will become convenient for the employers to work from home.

This will not only ease their burden of going to office daily but also increase the revenue of their companies.

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Drawbacks of Facebook Metaverse:

Despite these spectacular benefits along with many other advantages, Facebook Metaverse can also contain many drawbacks and disadvantages.


facebook metaverse

Cybercrime is somehow an old problem of conventional internet.

Our current internet system has become more strengthened after years of fighting against it as governments all over the world have spent millions of dollars on it.

But as the Facebook Metaverse is a new concept, it doesn’t contain those complicated cyber security regulations.

In this way, Facebook Metaverse is immensely vulnerable to different types of illegal activities such as money laundering, illegal goods, exploitation, cyberattacks and many other sorts of frauds.

Due to decentralizing of the internet, governments also don’t have much power to combat cybercrime in Facebook Metaverse.

Addiction Problem:

Just like in gaming, addiction can also become a major problem in Facebook Metaverse.

According to some critics, the chances of you becoming an addict of Facebook Metaverse are even greater than that of gaming, as you are fully immersed in a virtual reality.

Besides their essential needs such as eating and sleeping, people don’t need to leave their virtual reality setup and this will extremely harm their health and personality development.

As this Facebook Metaverse is 3D and very close to reality, it will become very difficult for some teenagers to differentiate between the real and virtual world.

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Impact on Cultural Diversity:

If Facebook Metaverse will try to bring together the people from all over the globe, belonging to different cultures and societies, it will result in losing the present cultural diversity of this world.

When people spend most of their time in the virtual reality of Facebook Metaverse, they will not feel connected to their local cultures anymore.

Although Facebook Metaverse will create a unifying society and culture, it will be less interesting as it could be created on the extension of many unique cultures.

The monopoly of Giant Corporations:

We know that social media initially was created so that individuals can interact with others but eventually big tech companies took over this social media.

For example, YouTube was home to homemade authentic videos. But then individual creators lost their creative command to companies.

Now, even simple videos need to be professionally produced and edited by experts, to upload on YouTube.

It is also a fear that the same issues will happen with the Facebook Metaverse. Instead of individuals enjoying and interacting with each other, big corporations will take control of it.

These big companies will use Facebook Metaverse as a ground for their business marketing, running ads and other selfish interests.


The overall impact of Facebook Metaverse is very optimistic. The promising features of Facebook Metaverse like digital avatars and decentralization will help the individuals to interact with each other more effectively.

With the development of more advanced human interface hepatic devices, entrepreneurs can compete with big companies.

Apart from the benefits of Facebook Metaverse discussed in this article, it can give us much more than our imagination.

On the other hand, the drawbacks of Facebook Metaverse are also a big concern.

Still, there is a long way to go before Facebook Metaverse is fully optimized. So, we can hope for the best for humanity.

If you think that there can be more pros and cons of Facebook Metaverse, in addition to our list, please mention them in the comment box.

FAQs about Facebook Metaverse:

Is Facebook the same as Metaverse?

Metaverse is a broad term to explain how people will interact online in future through their virtual avatars.

Facebook is using the concept of metaverse for business strategies and its futuristic plans. In 2021 Facebook also changed the name of its parent company to Meta.

Along with Facebook, many other tech giants like Microsoft are also in the race to own the concept of Metaverse. But currently Facebook Metaverse is head and shoulder above other tech corporations.

Can I use Facebook Metaverse?

Yes! You can use Facebook Metaverse. Although Facebook Metaverse is underway. Currently, we are only stage 1 of this metaverse, but still, you can use the available technologies of Facebook Metaverse.

You can access the AR or VR experience by using your smartphone or laptop.

Is Facebook Metaverse Free?

Currently, Facebook Metaverse is entirely free. You just need a VR headset to enter the virtual reality of Facebook Metaverse.

But there are assumptions that Facebook Metaverse will not be free in the future and you have to pay a subscription fee to enter into it.

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