Why Cronus and Rhea Myth is so popular in Greek Mythology?

Origin of Cronus and Rhea

Cronus and Rhea were both the children of Uranus(Heaven) and Gaea(Earth), who are considered to be the important pre-Hellenic(Ancient Greek) Mythology Creatures.

Both of them were the Titans and Cronus being the Youngest married his sister Rhea and made her his wife-sister.

The Cronus and Rhea Myth is as important as these two in the whole Family Tree of Greek Mythology. They both were the Titans and Cronus being the youngest of all other titans was close to his mother.

In Greek Mythology, Cronus(also spelled as Kronos) was the creature who overthrew his father due to his mother and took charge of the Titans.

In this way, Cronus was the one who caused the Earth to get separated from Heaven. After the overthrowing, he started ruling the Titans.

But at the end of his parents, it was prophesied that like Uranus, Cronus will also be overthrown by his children.

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Story of Cronus and Rhea Myth

Cronus and Zeus


The Cronus and Rhea Myth is considered very important in the whole Greek Mythology because it lays the foundation of all the Greek Gods and encloses their origin.

All the present Olympian Gods are considered to have originated from Cronus and Rhea. Cronus was worshipped widely in ancient Greek due to its association with Agriculture.

Rhea was the mother of many Gods and that is why also known as Goddess of Motherhood but also associated with the Earth and regarded as the Goddess of Fruitfulness.


Cronus and Rhea Myth starts when Rhea prophesied that Cronus is going to be overthrown by his children.

After hearing this, Cronus started eating all his children that Rhea bore him and became a hated figure among the Gods.

Rhea bore by him Hestia, Demeter(Goddess of Agriculture), Hera(Goddess of Marriage), Hades(God of Underworld), and Poseidon(God of Seas and Oceans), all of whom he swallowed due to the fear of being overthrown.

Then Zeus(Father of Gods) was born and Rhea hid him in Crete and gave Cronus stones which he ate.

When Zeus grew up, he forced his father to leave his siblings and started a war with him. This war was won by Zeus and Cronus was killed and packed in a trunk.

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Ending of Titans Reign

With the killing of Cronus, the Titan’s reign was ended. It is also stated that Titans are buried under Mount Olympus and will be free one day.

Titans will be free one day and again overthrow the Gods from Mount Olympus as they overthrew them. But it has always remained the same for the Mortals.

Titans were not very bountiful with the mortals but neither Gods are. All the Deities have just kept mortals to play and use them for different experiments in Greek Mythology.

Starting of Greek God’s Rule

Greek Mythology Gods

After the end of Titans, the world was ruled by the Gods and Zeus became the king of Gods. Zeus kept the sky and world under himself and made his siblings and children different deities.

Poseidon was given Ocean and Seas, Hades was given underworld while all other Gods were given specific characters according to their qualities and set responsibilities.

Like 12 Titans were ruling Mount Olympus in Cronus and Rhea Myth, 12 Gods started ruling Mount Olympus under the rule of Zeus.

Now, these Greek Gods are believed to be ruling the world and controlling the Godly affairs.

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Cronus and Rhea Myth

We all know that all of these myths are built for giving moral lessons to humans. And every myth is hiding some sort of moral lesson in it.

In the case of Cronus and Rhea Myth, the moral given is Tit for Tat. We can see in this myth that when Cronus overthrew his father Uranus, he was also overthrown by his children.

This gives us the concept of anarchy that was present in the old kings and their kingdom but every king met his fate in the end.

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