What is a Parallel Universe?

What is the universe?

A universe is something where we exist and see what is around us. It is the collection of everything that exists in space-time. Hence, it is the most enormous thing ever.

Our Scientist has a habit to organize things in a way everyone can understand them in a better way and the universe is the most substantial level of reality.

Actually everything around us is unified by scientists and they said it a universe. They included everything in it

Or more precisely, we can say, it is what we have observed yet…

Parallel Dimensions

Dimensions are the measure of lengths

The world we live in is consist of three dimensions i.e.

  1. Height
  2. Length
  3. Width

So, it is what we call space that includes three dimensions

Scientist believe that there are numerous dimensions out there and these dimensions may be the part of several parallel universes

There is also a fourth dimention that scientists regarded as time

Time is the fourth dimension which moves indefinitely in a specific direction and never stops

According to the latest studies, time can be slowed down by increasing the speed

It has also noticed that time is slow for massive objects while it is fast for the light objects.

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What is a parallel universe?

parallel universes

A parallel universe is also known as an alternate universe or alternate reality which is the possibility of actions

there are numerous parallel which are the number of possibilities that make the reality possible and ultimately constitute Multiverse…

Difference between the two

Among the number of parallel universes, all are almost the same just having the smallest difference of actions

Space-time theory

Space-time is any mathematical model which fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional manifold

In physical science, a single concept that recognizes the union of space and time, first proposed by the mathematician Hermann Minkowski in 1908 as a way to reformulate Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity (1905)

In simple words, Time is regarded as the fourth dimension and is regarded as the part of space-time

Number of parallel universes

However, there may be multiples of parallel universes that exist out there or around us but some scientist has approximated the value

In a new study, Stanford physicists Andrei Linde and Vitaly Vanchurin have calculated the number of all possible universes, coming up with an answer of 10^10^16.

Observable universe

We regard everything that we can see or have observed as Universe

but actually we have not scene or observed the whole universe

We just know a small fragment of the whole universe and it would be better if we regard it as the observable universe instead of Universe


In Actual, these are just theoretical terms but proved mathematically and so are proved to be existing and it is just the fragment of time that it has not discovered but it will be a revolutionary research when we will reach the main conclusions…


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