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Does Evil Eye Protection Tattoo Mean it? (Scientific Basis)

Evil Eye Protection Tattoo is a very old concept that has been incorporated in almost every society and religion. But is it really works the way it has been told to you or what is the meaning about all this myth?

Evil eye tattoo meaning is not just limited to religious or cultural stereotype about Bad luck.

But there are scientific basis behind the amazing power of evil eye protection tattoo designs.

You will be astounded to learn about these amazing powers of evil eye protection tattoo and how can this power affect your lives?

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What is an Evil Eye Bad Luck? (Scientific Explanation)

evil eye meaning

The evil eye bad luck is a concept that finds its most ancient roots in Judaism and is also incorporated into other religions as well.

Its derivative Evil Eye Protection Tattoo is like a belief that keeps bad luck away. This concept is believed to exist since 3000 BC.

According to this concept, there is an Aura around every person and that Aura protects us from bad luck and wards off evil spirits that are associated with negativity.

When a person watches you keenly his Aura interacts with yours and may dominate by breaking your Aura.

When your Aura breaks all the bad luck, unfortunate things, and negative energy is absorbed by the ruptured Aura.

In this way, the person can become prey to various evils of society.

Those evils can find their way to that person and he may suffer from anxiety, depression and restlessness.

That many cultures majorly Asians often relate to have been exposed to some Jin.

But do you do not have to worry about it because we got your back.

What is History about getting all problems and bad luck in your life by opening Pandora’s box?

What is it like to get an evil eye Bad Luck?

evil eye bad luck

A person whose aura has been broken and is said to have got an evil eye may feel anxiety, depression, and many more unfortunate things.

Similarly, the aura may also break when you are surrounded by a lot of negative energy like stress, depression, and extreme emotions.

Because those things serves as a fuel to increase the already laying negative energy.

That’s why your parents have always advised you to stay away from these kinds of people who depress you.

If your immunity is weak then you are susceptible to disease or illness. However, you absorb negative energy when your aura is weak.

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Evil eye protection tattoo meaning

Evil Eye Protection Tattoo
evil eye tattoo from popsugar

Evil Eye Tattoo is a protection tattoo that people make on their body that is actually like an eye as the name suggests and can be demonstrated below:

Evil Eye Tattoo actually signifies soul and faith and is often regarded as the “third eye” or the eye of the soul. You can find a lot of other designs for Evil Eye Protection Tattoos on Google images.

It is believed that this type of tattoo can prevent the evil eye bad luck and can save you from bad things or negativity and protects your aura from the devilish bad eyes of some evil people.

From the ancient times, people are wearing these tattoo either they belong to the religious, military or ruling party.

Even the ordinary person also intended to have these charms but could not afford to do so as it was considered a luxury to have these charms and they were pretty expensive.

Although, tattoos were not expensive but they were specific to a certain faction of people and represented to what faction they belonged.

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is it good luck to get an evil eye tattoo?

evil eye

It seems like but not actually the right case to consider the meaning of evil eye tattoo as good luck.

No doubt, having an evil eye tattoo protects you from negative energy but it does not bring you good luck.

It is just like getting rid of your student loans does not mean you are rich.

But on the other hand, your chances of attaining positive energy increases.

As it is easy to fill an empty vessel rather than an already filled one.

Where it should be placed?

Evil Eye bad luck tattoo

It should be placed somewhere it can be seen by people because when people look at you keenly it will divert their gaze and will protect your aura from rupturing.

Like your hand, feet, neck, or arms are a good place people can see it. Even some also get it placed on the forehead.

But there is also a group of people who do not want to show these expressively and want it on some secluded places like behind the ears, inner side of the thighs and below the chest.

However, this tattoo means maximum and all time protection.

This is because if you wear a ring or a necklace that will not stay with you all the time and you may forget that when going somewhere in a hurry.

On the other hand, an evil eye protection tattoo is always going to stay with you on your body.

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How evil eye tattoo prevent bad luck?

evil eye

You can get an evil eye by the malicious or envious gaze of a person but it is not always intentional some times it may be transferred unintentionally.

However, there are ways to prevent it.

You can use an evil eye tattoo as well as an evil eye pendant or bracelet.

That could capture the attention of the staring person and he will not get a chance to break into your aura.

Is it okay to get Evil Eye Tattoo

evil eye protection tattoo

The purpose of this type of tattoo is very much clear if you believe in the evil eye. It protects you from the evil eye and keeps you away from negativity.

Many modern psychologists just believe it to be a superstition which it truly is and consider it just a superstitious belief developed for thousands of years.

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Explanations Regarding Evil Eye Protection Tattoo Meaning

Rabbi Abraham Issac, says that as we are affected by our environment so is the evil an unseen connection by which one soul affects the other.

According to Greek Philosopher Plutarch, the Evil eye is a scientific phenomenon that the eyes of a person that release infrared radiation that breaks the electromagnetic field of a person.

Many other explanations are also available for the evil eye meaning.

Like getting an evil is like binding a ghost with you that creates problems for him in doing something.

Moreover, it is also related with black magic but is considered as its weakest form.

So, to get protection from the dark forces, evil eye plays a significant role.


It is about your belief if you believe in the evil eye protection tattoo has some meaning or it has some connection with the devil then do wear these things or make them on your body but just making an evil eye tattoo is not enough.

The main thing is your faith that if your aura is strong enough then no one could ever break it. So, keep yourself and your family safe from these kind of devilish eyes.

On the other side, these tattoos are also pretty cool and also serves as a fashion trend among the youth.

As you can see it on many celebrities.

To get this tattoo is your choice but if you are getting it what design would you go for?

Tell us in the comments…

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