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Evil Eye Tattoo significance and protection

What is an Evil Eye?

The evil eye is a concept that finds its roots in Judaism and is also incorporated in other religions as well. It is like a belief that keeps bad luck away. This concept is believed to exist since 3000 BC.

According to this concept, there is an Aura around every person and that Aura protects us from the bad luck that is associated with negativity.

When a person sees you keenly his Aura interacts with yours and may dominate by breaking your Aura. When your Aura breaks all the bad luck, unfortunate things, and negative energy is absorbed by the ruptured Aura.

What is it like to get an evil eye?

A person whose aura has been broken and is said to get an evil eye may feel anxiety, depression, and many more unfortunate things.

Similarly, the aura may also break when you are surrounded by a lot of negative energy like stress, depression and extreme emotions.

If your immunity is weak then you are susceptible to disease or illness. However, you absorb negative energy when your aura is weak.

Evil eye tattoo meaning

Evil Eye Tattoo is a tattoo that people make on their body that is actually like an eye as the name suggests and you can see below:

evil eye tattoo from popsugar

Evil Eye Tattoo actually signifies soul and faith and is often regarded as the “third eye” or the eye of the soul.

You can find a lot of other designs for evil eye tattoo on Google images.

It is believed that this type of tattoo can prevent the evil eye and can save you from bad luck or negativity and protects your aura.

Where it should be placed?

It should be placed somewhere it can be seen by people because when people look at you keenly it will divert their gaze and will protect your aura from rupturing.

Like your hand, feet, neck or arms are a good place people can see it.

Evil Eye Tattoo Meaning - Tattoo Gallery Collection

How evil eye tattoo prevent bad luck?

you can get evil eye by the malicious or envious gaze of a person but it is not always intentional some times it may be transferred unintentionally. However, there are ways to prevent it.

You can use evil eye tattoo as well as evil eye pendent or bracelet.

Purpose of Evil Eye Tattoo

The purpose of this type of tattoo is very much clear if you believe on the evil eye.

It protects you from evil eye and keeps you away from negativity.

Many moderns consider it just a superstitious belief developed with thousands of years.

Explanations regarding evil eye

Rabbi Abraham Issac, says that as we are affected by our environment so is the evil an unseen connection by which one soul affects the other.

According to Greek Philosopher Plutarch, the Evil eye is a scientific phenomenon that the eyes of a person that release infrared radiation that breaks the electromagnetic field of a person.


It is about your belief if you believe in evil eye or its some connection with devil then do wear these things or make them on your body but just making an evil eye tattoo is not enough.

Main thing is your faith that if your aura is strong enough then no one could ever break it.

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