Understanding Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning (Hypothetical Travel)

Many people feels a jolt in their sleeps that wakes them up but what is the real Hypnic jerk Spiritual Meaning according to different religions?

Do you also experience these jolts or jerks during your sleep?

If yes, then you have experienced a hypnic jerk. It is in fact, the twitching of all the muscles or some muscles of your body for just a moment that appears as a spasm.

To understand this term, you don’t need high hypothetical knowledge of spirituality or biology because these are the two perspectives that can explain this term of Hypnic Jerk or Night starts.

There are different names and explanations for it as it is also known as Sleep starts, Sleep jerks, or Night jerks and here we have explained what is the Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning.

Everything that happens in your life has some sort of relationship with your spirituality and whatever you do also have some effect on your spirituality as well.

How Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning Feels?

Hypnic Jerk

A hypnic jerk is a completely involuntary phenomenon that happens during sleep and ultimately wakes you up.

It is more like a spiritual attack on you and appears as something is trying to interact with you and is about to tell you something which wakes you up.

Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning is most probably is related to your state of mind and what is going on up in there.

When you wake up you are mostly in a state of tension and breathing heavily like you just had an anxiety attack.

It may be a feeling of falling from some high place in your dream of having an accident and when the moment of pain arises in your dream then you get to wake up.

This feeling is not permanent and disappears after waking up.

What Causes Hypnic Jerk?

Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning

There is no definite cause of this that has been discovered, but there are some spiritual and scientific hypotheses that can help you understand the hypnic jerk spiritual meaning.

It may be due to drugs, bad dreams, some fears, or a feeling of restlessness which creates anxiety and tensions that does not shows any clearly hypnic jerk spiritual meaning.

And if we move towards the religious causes then hypnic jerks are may be due to your deviance from the path that God has chosen for you.

Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning

Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning

Different religions have different points of view and explanations about Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning, but they also don’t have any rigid explanations.

It can have both positive and negative interpretation in spirituality but mostly related to the negative meaning because it happens when we are in stress and some sort of tension.

As it is mostly related to the falling sensation which signifies that you are going to have a fall in your life which can create instability in your life.

But Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning can also be an awakening that you are going in the wrong direction and you need to clear your path from the upcoming problems or obstacles.

Some psychologists gives their explanations about Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning that it is due to a lack of guidance and direction in your life or the presence of confusion regarding life decisions that you have taken and this is a sign that those decisions need review.

So, if you are experiencing these jerks, you must pray and find guidance by spending time in meditation because it is the only way for getting rid of these kinds of Hypnic Jerks.

On the other hand, we are continuously surrounded with problems and stress conditions in our everyday lives which creates these kind of instinctive movements.

Most of the spiritual scholars states about Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning that in present time, we have increased our problems a lot and that is the reason, we need to make meditation a habit in our everyday lives.

Meditation not only relieves you spiritually but also gives you physical peace as mind and body have always been connected.

If you want to have a relaxed and calm body then first have a relaxed and calm mind which is only possible with meditation.

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Is hypnic jerk dying?

Is hypnic jerk dying

Not actually, it is no doubt a feeling of dying or falling from a height but it is not dying. There is no harm in a hypnic jerk as about 70% of the world population experiences this and that is totally okay.

There are many interpretations about Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning but non of them really calls it dying or disintegration of your soul.

Although many people do believe that when you experience these jerks then your death is coming near to you but it is just a misconception of our people.

Your death can not be determined by these sorts of spasms and it will come when it will have to. You need to enjoy the present moment and forget about this as an illness because Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning has nothing to do with dying.

It has also been proved that their occurrence once or twice a day is OK. So, keep calm because if you experience hypnic jerks then you are not dying. (Except your spouse doubts you and is looking for a chance to prove you crazy).

Scientific Explanation

Scientific explanation of hypnic jerk

It is believed that it is present in our evolutionary history for keeping us active. When humans used to live on trees in the jungles this reflex was present in them to keep them from falling.

Scientific explanations clearly denies any Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning and just related it to our evolutionary history.

So, it has come to us through our evolution and has been there at the time of our evolution from monkeys to human beings.

Scientific researches explain that there are two systems in our body for sleep and wake and hypnic jerk is a war between them when both of them are trying to dominate but are unable to do so.

When you are sleeping one system is dominating and other system of awakening is recessive but if the system of awakening suddenly becomes actives and dominates the sleeping one then you experience these hypnic jerks.

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All these explanations are from different religious and psychological scholars but all of them have just posed some hypothesis and all of them also agree that Hypnic Jerk Spiritual Meaning or Night Jerks does not pay any threat to your life.

So, if you experience such jerks, there is nothing to worry about and you can again get asleep calmly.


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