Hypnic jerk Spiritual meaning

What is a Hypnic Jerk?

Have you ever experienced a jolt during sleep which would have woke you up?

If yes, then you have experienced a hypnic jerk. It is in fact, the twitching of all the muscles or some muscles of your body for just a moment

There are different names and explanations for it as it is also known as Sleep starts, Sleep jerks, or Night jerks

What Causes Hypnic Jerk?

There is no definite cause of this that has been discovered, but there are some spiritual and scientific hypotheses.

It may be due to drugs, bad dreams, some fears, or a feeling of restlessness which creates anxiety and tensions.

Spiritual Meaning

Different religion has a different point of views about it but they also don’t have any rigid explanations regarding this

Some believe that it is due to lack of guidance and direction or the presence of confusion regarding life decisions

So, if you are experiencing these jerks then you must pray and find guidance by spending time in meditation.

hypnic jerk

Is hypnic jerk dying

Not actually, it is no doubt a feeling of dying or falling from a height but it is not actually dying

There is no harm in a hypnic jerk as about 70% of the world population experiences this

It has also been proved that their occurrence for once or twice in a day is totally OK

Scientific Explanation

It is believed that it is present in our evolutionary history for keeping us active

When humans used to live on trees in the jungles this reflex was present in them to keep them from falling

Scientific researches explain that there are two systems in our body for sleep and wake and hypnic jerk is actually a war between them when both of them are trying to dominate but are unable to do so…


So, if you experience such jerks, there is nothing to worry about and you can again get asleep calmly


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