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13 Trendy Greek Gods Myth Tattoos meanings (with History)

Greek Mythology Tattoos have various meanings with respect to the type of tattoo that one is wearing and where he is wearing. There are hundreds of Greek Mythology Creatures that are involved in hundreds of different mythological abd symbolic fables in which they have performed heroic roles.

Most of the Greek Mythology Tattoo meanings are associated with these heroic tales performed by deities in Greek Myths. Moreover, you get some awesome tattoo styles.

These tattoos not just focus on the deity shown in the tattoo but also the background of that God has also depicted a specific tale of that God.

People wear the tattoos of Greek Gods to display their own character or to build the characters of those deities in them. This thing motivates them and they feel powerful.

Knowing the history of Greek Myths is still very important because when we dig deep into any of the topics we find its roots in Greek Mythology. One reason for that is, Greeks have laid the foundation for many of the fields.

Here are some most famous Greek mythology Tattoo Designs and their meanings:

History of Some Important Greek Gods

Zeus Tattoos

Zeus Tattoo Meanings

Zeus is Considered the all-father in Greek Mythology as he is a controller of all the important deities on Mount Olympus. He possesses the most powerful weapon of all time i.e. Thunderbolt. This weapon of Zeus is so strong that it can also kill the deities.

As he is the most powerful deity so his tattoos also relate to the power and superiority over the others. Zeus is the most majestic and knowledgeable being in the Greek Myths. He was also the one who killed Cronus and saved other deities.

Zeus is also a very diverse being and as his tattoo. Zeus’ tattoo meaning can have various interpretations and we can have various meanings from Zeus’ tattoo. One of the reasons for this diversity is his involvement in a number of mythical tales.

Poseidon Tattoos

Greek Mythology Tattoo meanings Poseidon

Poseidon is the brother of Zeus and the son of Cronus who rules the Sea, Wind, and Storm. He is often represented as the rider of the waves or possessed of the Trident which is also one of the strongest weapons but in the sea.

His tattoos are also very common where you can see him mostly in the ocean where he may have his trident in his hand or controlling the aquatic life.

The myth says that the storms that happen in the oceans are also the result of Poseidon’s rage and to remain safe from them you need to keep happy. On the other hand, a calm ocean is the representation of Poseidon’s quietness.

In Greek Mythology tattoo meanings, he may represent the inner soul of a person. If the tattoo is shown as the Poseidon causing storm then it means that the person wearing it has a very blazing spirit and he is an action doing sort of person.

This type of tattoo could be seen on the sleeves of Marines or on someone who has a love for sea creatures or sea journeys.

Hades Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Meaning Hades

Hades is the God of the underworld or the dead. He often represents the balance between Good and Evil. He is often seen as a God who punishes the Evils.

He brings balance between positivity and negativity by reducing the negativity. Hades is also regarded as the ruler of Hell. His most powerful tool is the Helmet of Hades which keeps him invisible from the human world.

The Hades tattoo is not very common among the people but yet he is a very popular God and another brother of Zeus whose tattoo signifies the sharp hiding abilities of its wearer.

Nemesis Goddess Tattoos

Nemesis Goddess Tattoo Meaning

In Greek Mythology, Nemesis is considered as the Goddess of Balance, Retribution and Revenge.

She is a remorseless Goddess who can show her wrath on the humans who may commit any crimes.

In many of the tales, she is considered as the evil goddess just due to her affiliation with the retribution but all this is to maintain balance between good and evil.

In terms of tattoo, her tattoo may be considered as a symbol of harshness and brutality but also to maintain the call of justice.

Aphrodite Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Meaning Aphrodite

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love and beauty and is considered the most beautiful deity among all the Greek Mythology Gods. In Greek Mythology, she is considered so beautiful that even the Gods could not resist her beauty and passion for love.

In the old fables, she is portrayed as a seductive character and said to have a lot of affairs with many Gods. Zeus has also used this seductive power of Aphrodite as a weapon against various Gods.

In the tattoo meanings, Aphrodite tattoo means self-confidence and faith of one in oneself. This tattoo is also not so common but stills it is liked by the female gender.

Athena Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Meaning Athena

Athena is the Goddess of Wisdom and War. But often she is also deemed to be related to handicrafts because these were the inventions of highly wise persons and these ideas were put by Athena in their minds.

In Greek Mythology Tattoos, the Athena tattoos mean that the possession of adeptness or the wearer is extremely wise and possesses a high ability of reasoning.

In her tattoo, she is always seen wearing a Helmet or grasping a spear in her hand. And these two are some important signs of the Athena Goddess.

Medusa Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Meaning Medusa

Medusa is also a Greek character who is mostly shown as a villain figure in Greek myths. She is said to be cursed by Athena and have snakes instead of hairs on her head.

In Greek Mythology, she possesses a character that changes everyone who sees her with his naked eye into a stone statue.

Medusa Tattoo is considered as a tool that wards off bad spirits and keeps you safe from the Evil Eye of other people.

Here is what Evil Eye actually means and how it affects people.

Centaur Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Meaning Centaur

Centaurs were the mythological creatures that had the body of a horse while the chest and head of a man. This gives them the intrinsic ability of animals while the reasoning of man.

In Greek Mythology, they are considered very hardworking and passionate about their work with better precision than men

These Greek Mythology Creatures are also known as Sagittarius in some myths. The tattoo of this creature is often liked and picked by people due to its beautiful body and it is also common among animal lovers.

Apollo Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Meaning Apollo

Apollo is the God of Art and Prophecy and could be seen in many mythological stories giving prophecies about different characters of that story.

He is also considered as the God of almost everything like music, sports, medicine, sun, light, and knowledge. But in the modern world, he is mostly associated with the sun.

The tattoos of Apollo is shown as an athlete body with curly short hairs representing fitness and well-being. He has also been shown as a handsome character in the Greek Myths.

Hera Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Meaning Hera

Hera was the wife of Zeus and also his sister of his. She was the Goddess of Marriage and Childbirth because most of the deities were her children with Zeus. Pomegranate is one of her important symbols.

In the Greek Myths, she was not very much liked by Zeus and he mostly had affairs with other Goddess and women.

In the Greek Mythology Tattoo meaning, she symbolizes a strong woman with a stern and resolute face.

Hermes Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Meaning Hermes

Hermes was the God of Communication and Trade who was the messenger of Gods and took messages from Mount Olympus to all over the world.

He has important symbol wings that represent his ability of Freedom and he could fly anywhere. He was the only God who could anywhere anytime.

In this Tattoo world, Hermes’ tattoo means that a person has the ultimate freedom to go anywhere and could do whatever he wants.

Cronus Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Meaning Cronus

Cronus was not actually a God but he was a Titan was the father of our great Olympians including Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades(who killed him afterward).

His important symbols are Time and Rebellion. He was a good keeper of time and could see the time coming to him. He saw that his own children will kill him.

In the ancient Greek fables, he was a monstrous character who ate his own children because he did not want to be killed by his children.

In Greek Mythology Tattoo, he is mostly shown as an old person who had a long beard and carrying a walking stick.

Ares Tattoos

Greek Tattoo Meaning Ares

Ares is not a so popular God but he is considered as the God of War and often signifies war, violence, and battle. He was also considered as a God who brought wars that is why he was not very much liked by Olympians.

The important symbols of Ares include Spear, Chariot, and other Warcraft. Ares is said to be skilled in every kind of war art.

Ares Tattoo is also not so popular like him but still worn by some people where it is represented as a warrior riding a chariot and having a spear in his hand. These kinds of tattoos are sometimes liked by the fighters.

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