What is a Black Hole?

Introduction to the Concept

Cosmological concepts have always been remained very attractive and fascinating.

But the way you understand them really matters. Like today, we are going to talk about Black Holes which is a very important concept of cosmology, and lately, we have also seen its real picture…

You will be astounded to know that Black Hole is not actually black. Yes, they are not black but appear the darkest thing in the universe.

Lets see! where they actually come from and start eating everything around it…

Formation of Black Holes

Black Holes are formed when a star dies. Yes, when a star DIES and if you do not know about the death of a star then let me make you comprehend.

Life Cycle of a Star

A star like our sun usually goes through a life cycle like every single thing in the universe and it begins with the birth of the star.

Birth of the Star

A star is born from a Nebula which is the mother of every star in every Galaxy. When a lot of Hydrogen atoms are gathered in its core and start the fusion reaction which is the main source of its energy.

Most span of Life

The star glows and emits light for most of its span. And, this light comes from the fusion reaction taking place at its core. The state remains alive as far as this fusion reaction keeps on taking place.

After that, the death period starts…

Death of a Star

When a supermassive Star starts to run out of its Hydrogen supply then its core starts shrinking.

And due to fusion reaction, the Helium gas formed in its core eventually causes the star to expand and leads to the formation of a Red Giant

This Red Giant explodes and undergoes Super Nova and the star then becomes Either a small Neutron Star or Black Hole.

If you are thinking about our sun which is also a star then this is too going to die one day but don’t worry it will take Millions of years to be so…

Definition of black hole

Black Hole can be defined as, a region of Spacetime where Gravity is so intense that nothing can escape and eventually falls into it and gets destroyed and converted into Electromagnetic Radiations

The Gravity of the Black Hole is so strong that even Electromagnetic Radiations like Light can not even escape.

Black Holes have two main parts:

Event horizon

Event Horizon is actually a boundary around the black hole which is the point from which nothing comes back and gets engulfed by the black hole


It is the most central part of the black hole where everything eventually falls and this is the point where Gravity is considered as INFINITE…

Black Hole components

Theory of General Relativity

According to the theory of general relativity,

Black holes are the most compact masses that are so dense that even have the ability to deform space-time…

Why Black Holes Appear Black?

Everything that we see is due to light and there are two possibility

  1. That object might be the source and emitting light like stars as our sun or simply a light bulb
  2. The other possibility is that the object might be reflecting the light like our Moon or simply everything that is around us

When the discussion comes to black hole, they are definitely not emitting light and on the other hand they don’t even reflect light as light is also eaten by it

So, where there is no color there is Black

As a result, Black Holes appears as the most blackish objects of the Universe

Point of Existence

The Black holes are expected to exist near the centers of most of Galaxies

One also exists at the center of our own Milky Galaxy where we Exist

The first image of the black hole

Black Holes were predicted to look as portrayed in this picture:

Prediction of Black Hole Image

But after the work of many years a real picture of Black hole was taken i.e.

Black Hole
1st real image of Black Hole

However, the picture is nt very much clear but it can be seen clearly that the predictions were probably very right…

Some Features of Black Holes

  • Supermassive Objects of Universe
  • Engulf everything even light can not escape it
  •  It literally pulls the space around it
  • They are not actually Black but appears black due to zero light coming from it
  • They may be the source of new universes


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