Either the money can buy happiness or money can’t buy happiness is true

It is rather a psychological question that is often regarded as related to the materialistic approach and is always asked from a wealthy or influential person never from a poor person.

Let’s explore both sides of the image but first, we must know what is happiness for us and what are the sources to it.

What is Happiness?

How to Be Happy: 63 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Happier

Happiness is different for everyone but generally, it is regarded as a feeling of being happy or satisfied.

A person is happy if he is making the best of life and this may be due to relations, success, or utilities.

Happiness is related to satisfaction not money as poor can also be happy

Is Happiness and satisfaction are same?

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When talking about money, these two things are often considered as same but they are not

The reality is that when your requirements are fulfilled then you are satisfied but not necessarily happy as mentioned above that happiness is related to relations, success and utilities

On contrary, satisfaction is mainly affiliated with utilities and necessities of life

What money cannot buy but can affect?


Family is probably the most important thing in someone’s life but it is something that can not be bought with money. It is with you since birth or you earn them.

But at the same time, you can have better family relations if you can afford for them, pay for them and take care of them financially.

Good friends

Good friends are really rare in the world and they are never attracted to money.

If they are then obviously they are not good ones.

On the other hand, you can do hangouts at good places where you can find good persons and these hangouts require money.


It has been said since the beginning of the world that wisdom never comes at a price but efforts, dedication and hard work.

On a different note, you can observe that if you invest in a person’s education and grooming since his childhood then he will develop wisdom sooner or later.

Long life

Money can never give you long life as death is the ultimate truth but it may give you lesser risks and better medical facilities which are not necessarily a source of long life but may extend your life span.


Time is an absolute thing and obviously cannot be bought but it can be saved if you hire other persons to do work for you.

What’s the evil of money?

If you think that money does not matter and it just creates greed and hatred among people then you are not right.

Then let’s remove it from our lives but what will happen next? will we be happy without it?

According to this, poverty must be a source of happiness but it is not the reality.

On the contrary, when you will have money and you could get out of poverty then a lot of things will be assembled which can remove tensions and ultimately leads to happiness.

In fact, Happiness has nothing to do with money directly, it is the peace of your mind and you get it with your gestures and relations with other people.

It’s true that money can assist you in getting happiness but it is ultimately you who creates happiness for yourself.

Achieving dreams gives you happiness and it is different from earning money.

Importance of Money in Life

In the present age, money is very crucial for living and it is very much clear that you can not survive without it as it is required everywhere.

Either you have to afford a vehicle, house or better food and clothes, everything requires money and without these things, it is almost impossible to be happy

It can be true that the money can buy happiness as it can give you satisfaction which is not the ultimate source but simply an important source of happiness.

the money can buy happiness
way to happiness

Money may not buy happiness but it can buy necessities of life which are essential to be happy

how can a person be happy with an empty belly, who needs to walk 15km daily because he cannot afford a vehicle and can not live in a healthy environment?

Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping.

Gertrude Stein


Money is obviously something but not everything, you need money in life to fulfill your needs without which you can never be happy.

But it is not appropriate to become materialistic and give all the credit to money as it is not everything.

You can see a lot of rich people who are not happy and a lot of poor people who are happy.

So, it was not the presence or absence of money which made them happy or unhappy but their character, values of life and relations with others.

So, if someone tells you that money cant buy happiness then tell him that it may not buy but it is one of an important source. People say it because they themselves don’t posses it.


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