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Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Meanings: Holistic Symbolism

Having a Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo is the wish of every other tattoo lover but a basic understanding of its meaning is also necessary.

Because anything without reason is nothing and to understand the holistic meanings of Butterfly tattoos you are at the right place.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

John Keats

Beauty deserves to be appreciated and that is one of main reason behind having a beautiful tattoo.

Butterflies are beautiful creatures and symbolizes beauty as one of the Butterfly tattoo meanings.

Not just limited to beauty but there are many more holistic meaning associated with these beautiful butterfly tattoos like freedom, femineity, happiness, Rebirth and many more.

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Holistic Meanings of Butterfly Tattoo on Women

Butterfly Tattoos are mostly loved and desired by women as they are surely beautiful beings and enchanted by the colorful tattoos.

Various meanings could be derived from this association of Butterfly tattoos.



These tattoos are surely a sign of beauty for anyone who sees it on the body of some other person.

Isn’t it beauty for which a person gets something on its body and so is the case of tattoo.

People love seeing butterflies around them and that is also a reason they get it permanently printed on their body in the form an enchanting tattoo.



Due to its popularity among the females, this tattoo is often considered as a symbol of Femininity.

Females have always been considered sensitive, caring and attractive creatures. All these attributes could be associated with the meanings of Butterfly Tattoo.



A woman also gets this kind of tattoo to represent herself as a source of happiness and recreation.

It could be observed that butterflies are shown in relation to the happy life and thus give a sense of prosperity.

As it is visible at the end of most Hollywood movies that at the end, when every evil is gone then butterflies are shown among the flowers.



As the body of Butterfly goes through different transformations throughout its life thus it also represents transformation.

It is a sign that the person wearing it has gone through some sort of transformation or has the ambition to go through one.

This process of Metamorphosis is unique to just some creatures and that makes butterfly tattoo special tattoo.

Just as the butterfly develops from a caterpillar that covers itself in a covering of cocoon.

It is a part of life but butterfly tattoo bearing person is taking pride in having such feelings in life.

Butterfly Tattoo Meaning is also significant in terms of great changes and development.

Contrast Between Eternity and Transition


Butterfly is a moving creature that is on one flower at first moment and at another flower at the other moment.

That tells the transitory nature of butterfly in changing from one state to another.

On the other hand, when discussing butterfly tattoo, it is permanent on your body to be there for eternity and remind you of your best moments of life.

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Butterfly Tattoo Meaning: Religiously and Culturally

Butterfly as Soul


In Christianity, butterflies are compared with souls and the symbols like rebirth and resurrection are associated with it.

Souls are immortal and are something that could reborn in different bodies or different dimensions according to various concepts.

In this way, immortality is also one of the major themes of the this tattoo because tattoos are also imprinted permanently.

This takes us to the next butterfly tattoo meaning.



On of the other meaning of butterfly tattoo is Permanence.

Tattoos are imprinted on your body permanently and thus could be taken as a symbol of eternal purity.

Butterfly tattoos are both permanent and happiness giving that is why could be sign of eternal prosperity in one’s life.

We just discussed the spiritual meaning of this tattoo due to its affiliation with soul and that is also immortal.

Joy and Grace


In the Chinese culture, butterflies often represent joy and grace of soul and body.

It is believed that having such butterfly tattoo can bring bundle of joy and prosperity to your soul and body.

The beautiful colors of these tattoo creates an enchanting sensation for the one seeing it.

Soul of the Dead


Japanese also posses one of the most ancient culture in the world and this rich culture also signifies butterflies in a very beautiful way.

They believe that butterflies are the symbolic representations of the souls of the dead ones, who had passed away.

In some folklore, it is a belief that when a person dies, a flower grows on its grave and a butterfly comes out of it that takes the soul to the heavens.

In this way, people also gets this tattoo for the remembrance of their lost dear ones.

This tattoo also acts as a reminder that reminds you of the loved ones or something.

Good Luck


Some cultures also represents butterfly tattoos as a good luck figure.

The bearer of the tattoo believes that having this butterfly tattoo means having good luck and getting Gods to ones side.

This brings love and happiness in his own life and onto his family.



Butterflies are never found near deserted places where there is no life or existence of any living creature.

That is why, butterflies are just found on the fertile land, over the roses and near the greenery.

So, while looking towards the butterfly tattoo, one immediately shift its thinking to the fertility, prolificacy and richness.

In this way, Butterfly Tattoo is a very beautiful representation of fertility on the body of the person bearing it or on the one related to it.

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Butterfly Various Designs Meaning

Rose Butterfly Tattoo


Roses are a symbol of Freedom and opening up to the world as it is always present in open areas.

But it will always be seen in the positive connotation for example for freedom, pleasure or romance in many of the cases.

Love is an eternal pleasure and its association with these tattoos surely gives some impression of a person bearing it.

So, having such a tattoo is also a symbol of Freedom.

Rainbow Butterfly Tattoo


Having such a tattoo could bring many colorful pleasures to your life as the colors of a rainbow.

It could represent the hard times you have gone through and came out risen just like the rainbow as it comes out after the rain.

Just like the various colors of the rainbow this tattoo brings many meanings to your life.

Small Butterfly Tattoo


Being small in size does not mean small in significance because most precious items can never be found in bulk.

Having this beautiful butterfly tattoo means highlighting the minor pleasures of your life and letting people know about it.

Having a small tattoo is also reasonable and popularly desired because it makes the tattoo cute and tempting.

Broken Butterfly Tattoo


A broken Butterfly Tattoo is also common in many cultures that believes the sensitivity of life.

Butterfly is a depiction of life and in a broken form, it shows the volatile nature of life that always breaks down from one side to have a new beginning at the other side.

Thus Broken Butterfly Tattoo meaning is the depiction rise and falls of a lively life.

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Butterfly Tattoos in Different Colors Meaning

Just like various designs of the butterfly, various colors in which it is drawn also shows some meaning associated with that color.

Red Butterfly Tattoo

Red color represents both love and life in the fullest of its sense. It is the most commonly used and most popular color in these Tattoos.

Red Butterfly represents good Omen or the foreshadowing of a good omen could be seen as Red Butterfly Tattoo Meaning.

This color is most popular in Chinese culture for its affiliation with the luck and happiness.

So, red butterfly tattoo brings happiness and prosperity in ones life in the form of positive energy.

Moreover, red is also a symbolic representation of young blood of excitement for love in young blood.

It could also mean love for dear one or for the one who had been lost recently.

The adventurous nature of young blood in moving from one place to another is also visible in the characteristics of a butterfly in moving from one flower to another.

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Blue Butterfly Tattoo


Blue is a very luxurious color as it associates itself to the royalty and high heavens.

All these things are majorly a reason of Good Luck that comes with this color.

Blue is also a symbol of vastness and depthness due to its association with vast oceans and seas.

Blue Butterfly Tattoo also serves as a source of wealth and Good Luck to the bearer of this tattoo.

Blue Butterfly is also regarded as a good omen for the people.

Green Butterfly Tattoo


Green is the color of fertility and represents a life giving force for everyone.

So, it is a representation of a lively lifestyle of the person bearing it and could prove as an energetic impression.

Some explanations also relate this tattoo with the childbirth or pregnancy and ultimately to innocent and carefree nature.

In this way, it can give the power to increase the fertility of a women and cause bloom in her life.

Black Butterfly Tattoo


Black is the clear depiction of absence of everything including happiness, luck or energy.

That means, it is a rather pessimistic tattoo and could bring negative energy.

It is mostly seen in old age as a symbol of aging or getting finished.

But the most common ink that is used in creating tattoos is also the black ink.

For this reason, meaning for black tattoo design is not always attributed to demise or lack of something.

Pink Butterfly Tattoo

This tattoo is the most feminine version of butterfly tattoos.

It shows love and compassion of a woman for its dear one and presence of deep love.

This permanent tattoo is to show permanent love and compassion towards a loved one a person do not want to lose.

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The presence of tattoo may or may not give you some positive energy but your perception about it surely affects you.

Everyone has an aura around it and it is formed by your perception of things around you.

In this way, this aura gives you emotional power to face all those things.

Getting a tattoo is to have something permanently or show the effect of something that is permanent with you.

In case of Butterfly tattoo, various meanings could be derived with respect to the shape, color and sizes of the tattoo.

The concepts of various cultures have been explored on this post that you could relate to a bundle of butterfly tattoo meanings.

It could also be observed in movies that butterflies comes at the end when every bad situation has ended and at last a happy new life has started.


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