Traffic Sense and Ways to Remove Traffic Problems

What is Traffic sense?

Traffic sense is the way you behave on the road while dealing with traffic.

It includes the identification of road signs, maintaining traffic discipline, and dealing with other vehicles.

Why traffic sense is necessary?

As everybody knows, traffic is increasing day by day everywhere in the world due to the increase in vehicles which is as a result of the increasing population.

And to deal with such a vast traffic everyone must be aware of the necessary information required to be on the road.

Types of road signs

1. Mandatory signs

The signs that are essential to be followed are known as mandatory signs and they are actually unavoidable

If these signs will not be followed then you can get into some serious problem.

The shape of these signs is normally round with red border as you can see some given below:

Proposed features/mark vehicles, for which restriction is operating -  OpenStreetMap Wiki

As you can see this sign represents “No U-turn” which necessary to be followed otherwise you may meet an accident

2. Cautionary signs

The signs that make you attentive regarding anything that may happen

So, you have to be cautious when you see these type of signs.

the shape of these signs is usually triangular with red border as you can see a cautinary sign below

Traffic sign for speed breakers

This sign makes you cautious of the speed breakers coming ahead on the road.

3. Informative signs

These signs give you some sort of information like way to Hospital, Police station or a School.

These signs are usually rectangular in shape as:

Parking Area Up Right Arrow Direction Sign, SKU: K2-0186-R

This sign indicates the direction to the parking area which is actually some sort of information

Ways to remove Traffic Problems

Law and Order

The regulation of law and order is very important in a society

The solution to most of the traffic, problems is proper laws and fines for any violation of traffic

People will obviously follow the traffic rules when they know that would have to pay a plentiful of fine in case of violations

And this will certainly reduce the violations on the roads

Everyone must have a License

He who is driving any vehicle on the road must have a valid license which should be provided from a well regulated and monitored department

In many third world countries, people do not tend to have a license because it is easy to drive without the license

This attitude ought to be improved in order to reduce traffic problems

Teaching traffic rules to school students

The basics of traffic rules needs to be taught in the schools as many of the individuals starts driving when they are in their High Schools

High Schools students are mostly hyper emotive and that is the reason they should already know some basics of traffic before going to driving schools

Enough facilities

If you are looking forward for a well regulated traffic then first and foremost thing to notice is that do you have enough facilities to impose traffic rules

There must be proper lanes, zebra crossings and boundaries on the road

And in addition to white lines on the road, there must have a proper set-up of road signs which will be needed on the road

Pedestrians Education

Not just the ones, who are driving need to follow the rules but also the pedestrians as on which part they should walk and on which side

They must also follow the signals on the zebra crossings and bridges

I hope you got some good points regarding Traffic regulation…


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