Change into Negative Sentence (without Changing Meaning)

What are Negative Sentences?

The sentences that contain any negation words in them like no, not, or never. These sentences have negative nature and deliver negative meaning.

But these negative sentences can be used as an alternative to affirmative sentences to deliver the meaning in a concealed way but not changing the actual meaning. So, they are change into negative sentence without changing meaning.

For Example, I will never forget you.

Properties of Negative Sentences: –

  • Isn’t a bad thing.
  • statements of things that are false.
  • Don’t have to be accurate or true
  • Statements from a speaker or writer that are believed to be untrue.

Change into Negative Sentence without Changing Meaning

Negative sentences are typically formed by adding the word “not” after the helping verb. These negation words are used to change into negative without changing meaning.

The most common helping verbs are a form of “to be,” comprising of “am,” “is,” “are,” “was” and “were.”

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Cases of Changing Affirmative sentences into Negative

Change into Negative Sentence without changing meaning

There are mainly four cases by which Affirmative Sentence is change into Negative sentence without changing meaning and this takes as described below:

Using Opposites

The opposite sentences are obtained by adding a negation word like no and using the opposite of the adjective being used.


This type of negative transformation is used for simple sentences just giving the quality of something.

This type of negation is used when you are arguing in favor of something that is being neglected.


Aslam is an intelligent person.


Aslam is not a stupid person.

The dog was fast.


The dog was not slow.

Changing Degree of Comparison

The sentence can be changed into negative sentence by adding negation words and changing the degree of comparison.

This type of transformation is usually used when you are going to degrading something that is up-to-date but no more the better version.

This type of negation is very common to taunt someone or something.

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There are three cases:

1st Case

Positive degree TO  Not + Comparative


Ayan is as smart as Tayyab.


Tayyab is not smarter than Ayan.

Shahi Qila is as great as Badshahi Masjid.


Badshahi Masjid is not greater than Shahi Qila.

2nd Case

Comparative degree    TO   Not + Positive


Ahmed is faster than Ali.


Ali is not as fast as Ahmed.

Ayesha is wiser than Samra.


Samra is not as wise as Ayesha.

3rd Case

Superlative degree   TO    No + Positive


He is the best student in the class.


No other student is as good as he.

Akmal is the fastest racer in the School.


No other racer is as fast as Akmal in the school.

Using “So That” in place of “Too to”

In this case, the nature of the sentence is changed without changing the meaning of the sentence.


This type of transformation is usually used when you are in doubt about something but not confirmed.


The news is too good to be true.


The news is so good that it cannot be true.

My friend is too rich to be helped.


My friend is so rich that he cannot be helped.

Using Double Negation

Double negation is the use of two negatives in the same sentence. So, they cancel each other.

This type of negation is also very common and is also very effective to say something that you cannot say directly.


I want a pizza


I do not want no pizza.

I do have some money.


I do not have no money.

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Conclusion: –

Change of Sentence into Negative sentence without changing meaning is actually very helpful in describing your point in an indirect manner that may not hurt the other person and could be helpful for the safe delivery of your argument.

So, Negative transformation can be of help to you in your routine life because it is mostly based on your daily life and informal conversations.

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