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          I have written a review on a Novel_1984 by George Orwell. This Novel is written in 1949 few months before the death of the writer. This is the last book written by George Orwell and one of his famous books.


Book Review on 1984 book

This book 1984 is a Satire on the Dictatorship. This novel was written by George Orwell in inspiration to the Dictator reign of “Adolf Hitler” and “Joseph Stalin” in Germany and Russia respectively.

There is the representation of a Dystopian state in England. Where there is poverty, depression, war, and fear everywhere.

Everyone is afraid to even think that If they think of doing anything against the ruling party, it will be a “thought crime” that is punishable by death. The severity of the punishments can be illustrated by a term used in the story: –

A chopper to chop off your head

This novel keeps its readers totally engaged as there are some turning points like a betrayal of the loved ones and many tragic events in the story.

Readers of this book can understand how people are transformed under the reign of a dictator. Tyranny totally stops the growth of society and society becomes like a cage of parrots. It takes the social values of the society and eventually the society falls.

There is also a portrayal of class distinction as the ruling or upper class is living in huge pyramidal shape buildings while the lower class is living in old obsolete buildings.

The lower class is not allowed to express their natural instincts. Natural desires are all suppressed like love, friendship, and sex.

This book is actually a depiction of London if it is sieged by a Dictator and controlled by him. The freedom of rights is like it has never existed. People have lost their emotions and are acting as puppets in the hands of a dictator represented as the “BIG BROTHER” in the Novel.

People are broken by the Government and are not allowed to do anything for themselves. They are like living a life for the Government and have no rights of their own. Everything that matters is the Government and the one running it who is BIG BROTHER.

The totalitarian viewpoint of the writer is depicted and explained in the novel people are so bound to do anything that they are not allowed to say, hear or even think of anything as the Government is monitoring everything through spies, hidden cameras, and microphones.

This thing has been so strongly encoded by the government into the minds of its citizens. It can be illustrated by the banners of BIG BROTHER which can be seen in every building, street, and even inside every house with a phrase written below it i.e.


People are so afraid of doing anything that they have become confused about even themselves that who are they? as illustrated by the main character Winston who is not confirmed about his own age. He does not even know the year in which he was born.

Everyone is just allowed to do whatever is told to them like listening to military music released by the Government, doing exercises, and watching programs made by the government. In this way, they are totally under the influence of the Government which is controlling them like robots.

There is an air of war everywhere as there are rockets blowing in the streets at intervals. Children are brought up in a way that they love these things like war, executions, and punishments given to the invaders.

Children enjoy watching the hangings in streets and this is some kind or the only source of recreation for them. Children also play the games of war because war is a very good thing for them as it is incorporated in their brains by the slogans of Government which they shout repeatedly. The slogans are: –




            From this, it can be acknowledged that what type of society is depicted in the story. A society in which no one is allowed to speak to their desire. The natural urges of the people are demolished as everything is prohibited.

This tells us about human nature that it can be trained in the way one wants. Humans are made to adapt to their environment as it is happening since the creation of mankind. It has survived everything by its unique quality to adapt but in the society depicted in the story that quality is used in a negative way i.e. to suppress them and made them such disciplined animals who will not question anything and do as they are ordered.

            This book is a very good example of mind control that how it works, how it is implemented, and what are the outcomes of it. Every mind in the story is controlled so skillfully that children are ready to betray their own parents just for the Government.

            Water flows through the way you allow it to flow so if you want the actions to be in your control then you allow only the actions that you want to happen and take vigorous measures on the prohibited actions as illustrated in the story.

In my opinion, this is the most interesting thing in the novel that people are made as they are allowed as I have already mentioned that the most interesting ability of humans is its ability to adapt to the circumstances which are portrayed in the story.

            Overall, it appears as a depressing novel but the things that make it interesting is that humans can be changed completely but a point comes when its heart or its souls betrays it, and instead of showing the reality it always triggers that something wrong is happening.

As in the case of the main character Winston who is a loyal person of the ministry of truth but his heart betrays him and he commits crimes that could cost his life but in the end the government dominants him by its cruel torture in the ministry of love and he betrays the most important person of his life i.e. Julia whom he loved the most and she was also the one who also trusted him the most but no one cares of no one when it comes to your biggest fears or your life.


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