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Importance of Presentation Skills

What is a Presentation?


A presentation is a practice in which the information regarding a topic is explained by a speaker to an audience. It can be of any kind like talking to a group, addressing a meeting, or briefing a team.

It is actually the act of giving something to someone as a part of a formal ceremony.

What are Presentation Skills?

presentation skills

The skills that are necessary for delivering an effective presentation are known as presentation skills.

These skills structure your presentation and make it more effective for the viewers.

Some important presentation skills are described below:


When a person is listening to a presenter, he eventually gets bored no matter, how much interested he in the content.

So, enthusiasm is very important skill for presentation and it enables the presenter to keep pace with the listener.


Honesty is also very important during a presentation because it is not difficult for a good listener to find out when you are lying or exaggerating.

When he finds out that then its GAME OVER!

You will lose your credibility and listener will no longer give his attention to you.


You need to be focused on your content and maintain the focus of your audience towards your topic.

A good presenter remains focused and loyal to his concepts.

He can engage his audience more effectively and deliver his points efficiently.

Ability to simplify

Great presenters have the ability to simplify complex and difficult topics.

Presentations are mostly targetting the audience with no prior knowledge and you will e considering them as blanks.

So, you arrange data in very simplified manner that any lay man could understand.

Body Language

Body language is one skill that tells about your audience, passion and many more things.

You develop the interest of your audience with this ability.

So, build a strong body language as that will help a lot in your presentation.

Being clear during your presentations is also necessary. You need to clear all the ambiguities of your listeners during it.


If you are not clear then you will certainly lose the interest of your audience.

Persuasive Language

At the end, what is the main aim of your work? if you are not able to persuade your audience then all your work is in vain.

To be a good presenter, strong persuasive language or rhetoric is certainly required.

Parts of presentation

parts of presentation

There can be various parts of a presentation but three parts are compulsory which are described below:

1. Introduction

It is the most initial part of the presentation. Its importance can be measured by a proverb i.e. ” First impression is the last impression”

During this part, the presenter tells about himself, company he represents and what is he going to discuss with you.

This is the point where you captures the interest because the concentration level of your audience is at its peak.

2. Body

The body of your presentation contains the main topic content and the important points.

It can also be subdivide into many parts like you can ask questions and portray some examples in front of your listeners.

3. Conclusion

It is the last part where everything is summarized and you windup everything that has been discussed before.

In the end, you again describe all your important points in a more comprehensible and brief way.

Types of Presentations

parts of presentation

Information sharing

This type of presentation is designed to give some sort of information that could be any demonstration or making the audience aware of things.

This is most basic type of presentation originally developed to share some information.


As the name illustrates, the purpose of this type of presentation is to invoke the thinking of the audience.

The arousal may be toward some problem, new opportunity or any upgradation.

Convincing Plan

A presentation designed to persuade or convince the audience to do something is known as a convincing plan presentation.

The presentation can be of any sort, to visit some place, or to buy some product.This is mostly a marketing strategy…

Teaching Presentation

If you want to teach the audience about something then this type of presentation must be chosen. The teaching can be of any skill or any concept.


You prepare this presentation when you have a set of suggestions for some solution to a problem. These can be for some upgradation that the company needs.

Improving Presentation Skills

Use Good Slides

Slides are a very efficient part of any presentation and this adds a lot of betterment in your presentation.

Your slides must be up-to-date and must clarify the concepts. Use less texts and more visuals for better understanding.

You can use wireless tools for presenting the slides in an efficient way…

Maintain Eye Contact

Maintaining eye contact is very important because it creates a sense of understanding in the audience.

When you tell a person about something while seeing it in his eyes, your convincing power increases exponentially.

Take Questions

To engage the audience, you need to take questions because it tells you that listeners are trying to comprehend.

Questions can either be taken during the presentation or at the end of your presentation or before conclusion.

Build Confident Body Language

Smart body language is necessary in every field of life. Your body language tells a lot about you and its confidence makes people trust the presenter. Smart body language is necessary in every field of life.

Do Practice

“Practice makes a man perfect” is a well known proverb and is also applicable here. Do practice and improve your skills.

Practice is the key to improvement until you reach your goal.


The above discussion can be concluded by saying that the presentation skills are very necessary for communication skills because it is involved in every aspect of the society.

People from every background are involved in some sort of presentations either in business or study.

And every person must learn these skills to enhance in any field.

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