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Can I Bear Medusa Piercing Scar? -Pain and Scar Healing

Who does not like piercing nowadays? Medusa Piercing has become a new fashion of present time and could be seen almost everywhere in the world now.

But some piercings are special and only pursued by the piercing lovers.

Facial Piercing is considered an important type of Body Art and Medusa Piercing is one of the most beautiful of them.

A piercing just above the lips and below the nose is regarded as Medusa Piercing.

It is just below the Septum of your nose and sits on your Philtrum as could be seen in the image. It is located on your cupid’s bow above the upper lip.

Everyone knows that it looks cool and gorgeous on your face.

It is no doubt, enhances your facial features and, makes you look a lot more attractive and charming.

But is it painful or what are the risks that this piercing comes with?

And if you decide to remove it, how bad would be the medusa piercing scar left afterwards?

Let’s find out!!!

What is Medusa Piercing?

Medusa Piercing scar

The type of Facial Piercing that involves the region above the upper lip and below the septum of the nose.

Medusa Piercing sits on your cupid’s bow and really looks charming, attractive and exceptionally sexy.

As it is on the Philtrum so, also known as Philtrum Piercing by Medics.

As everything has some price, to get this beautiful piercing, it can also bring some side effects.

It involves your oral cavity so there could be risks of infection. However, Medusa Piercing scar could also become a problem if not taken proper care.

Moreover, it is present at a sensitive area from where you daily eat food and that makes it more risky to get infection.

How Much Pain does Medusa Piercing Induce?

Medusa Piercing Pain

There is no scale to measure the pain but I can say that it hurts more than normal piercing of Earlobes.

Medusa Piercing is considered one of the most painful piercing of all time.

But this pain varies from person to person.

Some have more bearing strength while some have less.

But you must consider the pain because it is more painful as compared to other piercing like of ears and nose.

This is due to the presence of an excessive number of nerve endings present in this region.

That makes it more sensitive area and it is also the reason for some extra pain.

Moreover, Medusa Piercing Scar requires some extra healing time.

From Where Medusa Piercing got its name?

Medusa Mythology

To be honest, there is no clear background for this name of this piercing.

But there is a Myth of Medusa and that may get related to it.

There was a beautiful girl Medusa who was raped by the God of Oceans, Poseidon in the temple of another Goddess, Athena.

This humiliation of her temple enraged her.

And as a result, she cursed Medusa.

She had snakes coming out of her head instead of hairs.

The glance of Medusa became the deadly glance that can change any living being into stone.

SInce then Medusa is also considered as a symbol of Feminine power because she survived all this and came out as a strong women.

That is something that could be related to Medusa Piercing as it could be a sign of feminine power.

It is opted by females and involves a significant pain.

So, if a women is having one that definitely means that she is a strong women.

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Should I get Medusa Piercing?

Medusa Piercing is somehow more attractive than other piercings.

If you like piercing then why don’t give it a try?

This is definitely going to significantly enhance your facial features.

But as per the suggestions of those who have experience it.

You should not keep it for more than 2 years.

This is because Medusa Piercing is not just skin piercing, it is also an oral piercing.

And when the oral cavity is involved in something, it significantly rises the risk of infection or spread of other diseases.

On the other hand, being a facial piercing, Medusa Piercing scar is also very bad and could destroy all of your looks.

So, if you decide to get it then you should also need to take many precautionary measures as well.

And always get it from some professionals that have all tools cleaned with antiseptic.

That is why, we can’t say that it is going to be a simple piercing.

It may require some extra time for healing as compared to the other piercings.

But that is also a reason why this kind of piercing is really special.

How long does it take to heal?

Medusa Piercing Healing

Just like the level of pain, the time for healing also varies from person to person.

Some have greater healing ability than the others.

But to take an estimate, most of the persons take more or less 3 months for the healing of its wound if proper care is taken.

This is taking relatively longer time and that is due to the involvement of the oral cavity that may contain a number of germs.

Care for the Healing of Wound

After getting your Cupid’s bow pierced, a proper care of the wound is necessary to prevent infection and Medusa Piercing scar.

This general caring involves:

  • Avoid eating too warm food
  • Avoid eating spicy and salty meal
  • Daily clean the wound with disposable swaps
  • Do not rotate or remove the wound again and again
  • Avoid touching the piercing
  • Wash your mouth with a mouth wash after every meal

What Side Effects can be Expected?

There can be seen some side effects after Medusa Piercing.

Some general side effects include:

  • Redness
  • Soreness
  • Blood or pus leakage
  • Crust around the Piercing
  • Discoloration
  • Fever
  • Medusa Piercing scar

These are some general side effects that could be seen after getting the piercing if proper care is not taken.

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Medusa Piercing Scar Healing

Medusa Piercing Scar

If you decide to remove Medusa piercing then would it leave a wound and a Medusa piercing scar and if yes then how much visible or big it is?

When you get any piercing, if will definitely going to leave some signs.

As your body is being cut and a hole is put into it.

But in case of Medusa Piercing, the hole is not a big one and it is just a single hole.

The scar is just a small one at the point of piercing.

A small brownish scar is usually seen after Medusa Piercing.

However, the size of the scar varies on the basis of many factors like the sizer of gauge.

The care you took for your wound also plays a significant role.

If proper care is taken to prevent the infection then the scar size will be small and it will gradually fade of in an year or two.

But again comes the factor of subjectivity.

It varies from person to person that how bad scar you will get.

Some person’s skin show massive immunity and get rid of the scar even in 6 months.

However, other skins can get a lifetime scar on their face.


Medusa Piercing could be considered one of the best piercing ever due to the beauty enhancement it gives.

It not only embellishes your facial features but also gives you a symbolic representation of a strong woman.

But before getting this piercing, some of its major side effects must be taken into account.

First, make sure the artist is well-trained from whom you are getting it.

Second, take proper care of the wound and avoid eating spicy and salty stuff to get away from Medusa Piercing scar.

Make sure you drink a lot of water and clean your mouth with a mouth wash after eating.

If any side effect shows, immediately seek medical assistance to avoid spreading the infection.

Last, let your Medusa Piercing Scar properly healed instead of getting any laser surgery.

I hope this information may prove beneficial for you.


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