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Is it Really Medusa Tattoo design’s True Meaning? (Female Depiction)

The reference for the meaning of medusa tattoo could be found from the ancient myth of Medusa in Greek Mythology.

This is a Myth about a women named Medusa who is considered the first example of victim blaming.

Let’s discover the real meaning of medusa tattoo both in the ancient texts and new trends.

Every Tattoo has some meaning associated with it and this meaning tells us a lot about the personality of that person.

It is not about judging a person because that would be a really bad thing to do.

But getting an understanding of a person about the Ideology of Life.

And to prove how it is different, the person has himself put up that tattoo to show to people and let them learn about his personality.

As Medusa Tattoo meaning was also trending on TikTok in previous days.

So, we will also explore what is the meaning or reason behind this trending TikTok video.

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Greek Myth Behind Medusa Tattoo

Greek myth of Medusa Tattoo

According to the Greek Mythology, there was a women named Medusa.

She was a really beautiful and enchanting women that everyone desired her even the Gods.

How Story of Medusa Began?

One day when she was in the temple of Athena(Goddess of war), Poseidon, the God of Oceans had a glance on her.

He was very much attracted towards her and wanted to have her.

Poseidon proposed Medusa but she denied him not thinking that he was a God and in fact, one of the most powerful.

As a result, Poseidon displayed his power and raped her inside the temple of Athena.

Athena Cursed Medusa

But when Athena came to know about it.

This dishonor of her temple enraged her and she cursed Medusa that now she will never attract any person.

In the old manuscripts, she is shown as old and Ugly creature many bad characters.

But with the passage of time, she is simplified and being showed as a normal human female.

But with snakes growing out of her head and having a deadly glance that can convert a living creature into a stone statue.

Since then she was living alone and converted everyone into stone who came to meet her.

But all this until her death.

Death of Medusa

Medusa killed by Perseus

Medusa was then observed as an evil monster from whom everyone was afraid.

Then comes Perseus in the story of Medusa.

He was a legendary Greek Hero who is responsible for the death of Medusa.

It is narrated that the mother of Perseus, Danae was captured by a king, who wanted to marry her.

He called Perseus and gave him just a single option to set his mother free.

He asked Perseus to behead Medusa and bring her head to the court to get her mother.

Perseus went to Medusa and came victorious by bringing her head to the king.

Medusa Head in other Mythologies

Medusa is shown as a very tragic figure in almost all the other mythologies.

It was seen that even after cutting off the head of medusa her glance did not lost her power to convert livings into stone.

Perseus, who beheaded Medusa then used her head to kill other monsters in his own mythologies.

The overall status of Medusa is still confused as sometimes she is considered a sign of beauty and sometimes a really horrific figure.

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Medusa Tattoo on Trending on TikTok Meaning

In recent days, Medusa Tattoo meaning was trending on TikTok.

It was shown that

“If you know the meaning of Medusa Tattoo then I am sorry because you have also suffered it”

During this trend, Medusa Tattoo was shown as a sign that the person wearing it have remained a victim of assault.

But how do it relates to Medusa?

Medusa was also assaulted by Poseidon and after that instead of blaming Poseidon, Medusa ws punished.

It means that the people who are this Medusa Tattoo Meaning Survivor are very brave and courageous like Medusa who fought all these hardships.

Though no one knows that what was the role of Medusa in this tragedy but one thing is confirmed that she was punished.

But she did not locked herself inside a box and came out from it as a courageous one that everyone became afraid of her wrath.

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Protection from Devil

Not just a sign of victim but medusa tattoo also have some symbolic meanings like protection from the devil.

As this tattoo relates to a myth that has been explained above it gives you strong protection from evil powers.

In keeping the Evil Eye away from you, just like the Evil Eye Protection Tattoo it also wards of bad spirits from you.

The tattoo keeps away every bad thing from you and in this, Medusa plays its role.

Relation with Feminism

Medusa Tattoo Meaning for female

At start she was portrayed as a hideous monster but with time she got changed into more feminine and a normal human character with snakes coming out of her head and a deadly stare in her eyes.

Due to her tragic story, Medusa is considered a symbol of feminine energy.

Many females are just getting this tattoo because it gives them a power to face the brutal external environment.

Women are very much underrated in todays world and fighting hard to overcome the difficulties of life.

In all this, women are still getting powerful and strong but they are mostly seen countered by a forceful reaction.

Victim Blaming

One of the most venomous thing that is seen against women is the phenomenon of Victim Blaming.

Whenever a women is assaulted, she is criticized instead of supported.

This also shows the phenomenon of Might is Right that is still present in our world.

In case of Medusa tattoo, Athena also punished Medusa instead of Poseidon.

However, Medusa was without any guilt and Poseidon was the real culprit in this.

But Athena could not do anything of Poseidon and that is why all of her rage just fell onto Medusa.

This thing is depicted in this Tattoo that after everything that happened to Medusa, she stood up and lived.

Jealousy of Athena

One reason for this unjust behavior of Athena is also given as the jealousy of Athena towards Medusa.

Poseidon was in the temple of Athena but instead of captivated by Athena, he was enchanted by Medusa.

Although, Athena was a goddess and Medusa was a mortal but Poseidon was still attracted towards Medusa.

This thing might have created a rage in Athena against Medusa.

But Athena is also a Goddess of Wisdom and that lowers the possibility of Athena getting jealous.

Symbol of Power

Medusa Tattoo

Medusa Tattoo is also taken as a symbol of Power because everyone gets away from it.

Everyone was afraid of Medusa, so are people with its tattoo.

In this way, this tattoo protects from many evils and Evil Eye.

Femme Fatale

There is no doubt that Medusa is a Femme Fatale.

It is some female who is luring and seductive for men and takes them into a dangerous situation and results in destroying that man’s life.

Medusa was really a beautiful and attractive women but now, she is not only dreadful but also fatal.

That is why, she is considered a Femme Fatale.

As she is used as a strong weapon by perseus even after her death.

She is the cause of the death of many other monsters.

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Medusa Tattoo Meanings: with Designs

Simple Medusa Tattoo

Simple Medusa Tattoo Meaning

Medusa tattoo is a sign of protection from the evil.

It protects you from any harm by keeping the evil eyes off from you.

As everyone is afraid of seeing medusa in the eyes.

It is mostly liked by people who want to keep it really simple with just the face of a women with open eyes and a deadly glance and snakes spread around the face.

It appears elegant as well as attractive.

Traditional Medusa Tattoo

Traditional Medusa Tattoo Meaning

A traditional medusaa tattoo is the one that shows Medusa as it is mentioned in the old manuscripts.

As mentioned earlier, she is depicted as a horrible creature with a green skin color and deadly appearance.

It is rather a horrific tattoo that shows that beware of hurting the feelings of that person.

Because if you do then it could prove dangerous for you.

However, this tattoo is really eye catching and has proves to be the best attention grabber.

Small Medusa Tattoo

Small Medusa Tattoo Meaning

This small Medusa tattoo is for the person who seeks a simple lifestyle rather than an extravagant.

They want to have an elegant tattoo this is both beautiful and small in size.

Real Luxury is actually in the simplicity.

This tattoo denotes that a part of the life of this women has remain tough for her but she has proved herself to be strong enough to face those sufferings.

But those sufferings have left a sign on her that is shown as the Medusa Tattoo.

Feminine Beautiful Medusa Tattoo

Feminine Beautiful Medusa Tattoo

Medusa Tattoos are mostly feminine because femineity is attractive for men and is considered sexy.

But then what falls under this category?

These tattoos are feminine because in these tattoos Medusa is not shown as a hideous creature but a lovely women.

No doubt, her head still contains snakes but the looks are rather of a beautiful women with not deadly glance but a seductive glance.

This tattoo does not actually related to some suffering or a protection but just a fashion.

However, it relates to the feminine power that makes it Femme Fatale.

That also gives the meaning of confidence and passion.

Medusa Tattoo Meaning: Place of Inking

Forearm Medusa Tattoo

forearm medusa Tattoo

A Medusa Tattoo displayed on the forearm is something that you want to display to people and want them to notice.

Any tattoo on forearm is viewed very often noticed by others.

This is mostly the display of power or more appropriately the feminine power.

To show that you are an independent and empowered women.

So, if you want to display your feminine power to others effectively then this tattoo is for you.

Thigh Medusa Tattoo

Thigh Medusa Tattoo

This tattoo is specific and important as well.

Thigh Medusa Tattoo is a painful tattoo and full of meanings.

It shows that the women having it has been through assault and sexual abuse.

And the presence of this tattoo shows that they have came out through theses sufferings and are strong women now.

The display location also tells us that the women is also strong sexually.

Medusa Tattoo on Hand

Medusa Tattoo on Hand

Any tattoo on your hand does not necessarily mean something and in most cases this tattoo is mostly decorative.

So, a medusa tattoo on hand is may be a portrayal of your efforts to be successful, Intensity of emotions or love for a person.

But in most cases you will find these tattoos just decorative and a demand of the trending fashion as most are doing on TikTok.

So, if you are a person who remains in the fashion all the time and increase the aesthetics of your hand then go for it.

Black Medusa Tattoo

Black Medusa Tattoo

Black color denotes the absence of something or the presence of negative energy.

But having a black tattoo is somewhat different and it becomes a tool for keeping the bad energy away.

So, Medusa being a strong character is a very strong tool against bad spirits and evil eyes.

On the other hand, Black Medusa tattoo is also very appealing and looks awesome.

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After all this discussion, would you now consider Medusa as a Good character or a bad one?

Is she a beautiful fellow or a monstrous one?

Answer to these questions is your perspective of it.

She was no doubt a beautiful girl who was cursed without any reason.

But in all the mythologies that is what happens all the time.

Gods punishing the mortals and using them just like puppets.

But in the end Medusa appears as a courageous figure and fought everything against her.

But what do you think about her character is it a good or a bad one?

Do not forget to tell us in the comment section.


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