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What are the Basic Benefits of Studying History?

Many people think that history just consist of stories of events that have passed. So, why study them now ? what is their purpose now? and how they can be beneficial for us except entertaining us with some interesting stories. This notion is wrong because history is not just a subject that is taught in schools due to some old stories but have many more important purpose to be studied.

Here are some of those benefits that history gives us in many ways except entertaining us with just some interesting stories.


1. Origin of Everything

To know about something, you see its origin that how it came into being and for what purpose it was created? So, to know mankind, you must know its origin that how it has evolved and how it has responded to different situations? how people responded to different situations? All of this information is given by the history. So, to know about something, study its history.

2. Gives Understanding of World

The world you live in is very much complicated and is very difficult to understand. History has played a vital role in creating our understanding of the world. It creates the culture which gives identity to people and people get to know each other. It has been observed that people of the same culture responds almost same and in this way, it gives you wisdom.

3. Tells about your Present

Everything is the result of events preceding it. So, Today is the result of events happened yesterday. In this way, we get to know that what mistakes we have done which has created the problems we are facing today and what we did that created ease for us. In this way, it tells about the causes or reasons of event happening in present.

4. Depicts your Future

The way in which present is formed by our past, same way our future is gonna happen. People do mistakes and they have to bear their consequences. Future is not already decided but it is shaped by our present actions. So, we can depict our future by observing our actions and even make it better.

5. Basis of Future Researches

Every research is based on the researches which had happened before and those on the ones preceding them. And this chain ends at some simple rules of nature or we can say simple observations of our ancient forefathers. So, it is very necessary to keep record of the past which is going to provide basis for future researches.

6. Avoid Mistakes

This is the most important lesson of history that it makes us aware of our mistakes of the past. So, we can avoid them and learn lessons from them which helps us manage our future. And those future plans will have very small number of mistakes and will be very efficient.

7. Makes our plans more Beneficial

History makes us realize our past mistakes that we made in shaping our plans and we form our future plans according to our past mistakes and observations. We learn that what kind of strategies made them successful and in what way we will have better results and automatically our plans turns to be more beneficial.

8. Maintain Tempo of Development

At this course of time, we are progressing at a rate that had never been possible before and this pace is just because of our previous researches and development. And to continue this pace, Historian keeps the record of past which makes future development faster and better.

9. Gives Memories

Memories are the very important part of our life. They often gives us our purpose of life and we get to know ourselves. We also get emotional power from these memories and get strengthens for future course.



All these benefits are just due to keeping the record of history. It is very necessary to keep the record of history due to its indispensable role in development. Now, you should thank those historians who helped to keep this record of history. Everyone should study history and one can also become a historian.


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